An unusual Mothers Day 2020

Mothers Day is just around the corner and its that time of the year where you can show her how much you love and value the support she gives whether she is near or far!  
I struggle for inspiration at the best of times when thinking about gifts for my Mum, she doesn’t get many gifts generally anyway and I want to show her how much she matters but also not going overboard (as she wouldn’t want me breaking the bank) so thought writing a little blog might help those that also struggle like me! 
We have the most beautiful handmade stationary available made by a mother of three from Cambridge all with heart and feeling, this handmade stationery could make a perfect thank you gift. Prices start from £7  - find more information out on these below:
Mini Greeting Card Set
Writing Set
Bespoke Stationery Set
We also work with a charity in store where you can find chocolate, body wash, hand cream and lip balm all products are made with love and care by adults with learning difficulties and by purchasing an item this keeps the charity going. A win win I feel - all products available you can find HERE.
If you are wanting to get her something really special a Dressing Gown would never disappoint these are beautiful to look at and wear, all one size these will make your mum feel special and also very handy to take away on holidays! All designs/prints can be found HERE
Dressing Gowns and Kimonos
All of the suggestions we have put forward are easily posted and we can do this for you free of charge simply put code 87FREEPOST at the checkout and we will ship directly to your loved one. 
Should you want more inspiration we have a gift section on our website, GIFT INSPIRATION.
We wish you all safe and happy day! 

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