The lockdown diary of a small business owner and lover of beautiful clothes

I have made a commitment to start blogging more to share my styling tips to a wider audience and of course to stay in touch with you, my wonderful customers. Now I’ve sat down at my laptop in this beautiful Spring sunshine, I find myself reflecting upon the last few months in lockdown and wondering how you all are. How has staying at home impacted your daily life? 

Have you been staying at home or are you one of the many Key Workers, working tirelessly to keep the NHS and country going? How has this unbelievable pandemic and lockdown affected your daily life and your style? 

Though it hardly seems a big priority at the moment, I have spent a fair chunk of my lockdown at home sorting through my wardrobe and styling it out to lift my spirits.

Here’s my lockdown life to a tea…

Let’s eat cake!

I have worked my way through all of the Mary Berry classics. My triumphs being Banana Bread, Victoria Sponge and Millionaire Shortbread. Baking disasters included overbaked flapjack (it’s hard to know when it is ready?!?) and Gingerbread that could break your teeth. 

Mary Berry Let's Eat Cake

The old wardrobe switcheroo

Spring for me means sorting through my wardrobe, switching my Winter / Summer clothes over. I live in a small home so I store my seasonal outfits away (or you could argue if you were my other half that my wardrobe is so large I have to have this system – believe what you will)!

Wardrobe spring clean

It wouldn’t be Spring or indeed lockdown without a good old clear out. I’ve seen many of you on Instagram proudly sharing your wonderful efforts. Spotless playrooms, updated office spaces and wardrobes with everything in the right place.

Whilst switching over my seasonal bits, I sorted out unused clothing into EBAY piles and a Charity piles. 

Enjoying my own little slice of nature

Gardening, gardening and more gardening! The garden has been my saviour during lockdown. I have always loved to garden but this year in particular I have felt a real connection to our special place. Enjoying the luxury of time, which has allowed me to care for our plants day by day and watch as they grow. 

The weather has also helped; it has been just beautiful right?! The smell of endless BBQ’s and sound of music and children playing has been wonderful.

Ups and downs

There has, of course, been down days and tears as I am sure there have been for all of us. It’s a very uncertain time being a small business owner, I cannot thank all of my customers enough for the incredible support you have been.

Some of my store customers, may also be aware that my Fiancé, Joe, and I have a wedding abroad planned in a few months, which is currently in limbo. I know of quite a few couples who have had to postpone or cancel their special days, which is incredibly upsetting but fear not, our days will come. If anything, all of this craziness makes you feel grateful for the wonderful support of your other half. 

Overall, myself and Joe have tried to focus on the positives, thinking about  what we can do to help our community. We volunteered for the local COVID-19 support team in our village.

We’re in this together

What I’ve learned from talking to my friends, families and customers is that this pandemic has affected us all in different ways. Whether you are parents at home trying their best to parent, work and school their children, wondering if there will be a job for you at the end of all of this, small business owners trying their absolute best to keep their head above water, living alone and feeling down, an NHS or Key Worker working tirelessly to keep our country going or perhaps one of too many families that have experienced heart-breaking loss. 

I have come into contact with people in all of these situations and one thing we all have had in common is solidarity to the bigger cause and getting through this together.

Love always wins

Eighty Seven is still here, helping you enjoy the little things that bring a smile

For the last few months, I have put all of my efforts into working on how I can continue to be here for you all. I have updated our fabulous new site, which I hope will allow you to browse a lot easier and I’ve also been enjoying keeping in touch with you all on Instagram and Facebook. It really has made my day when you send me pictures of you in your 87 purchases.

Customer fashion selfies

One of the biggest things I have missed the most is seeing all my wonderful customers in store, who over time have become friends and having catch up chats and wardrobe/look brainstorms. 

It may sound crazy, but I have also missed my clothes (I can already hear Joe shouting you have hundreds)! No really, I have always had a ‘home’ collection of clothes aka old jeans/tee’s/jumpers and shorts as I didn’t want to ‘scruff’ my clothes for going out into the general public (how silly does this now sound haha). 

But lockdown has widened my outlook on my wardrobe, encouraging me on occasions to throw on something that I’d usually keep back for the being out and about, at the pub or holidays etc. Wearing my favourite pieces at home has felt absolutely lovely! 

My selection of kimono's have really come into their own, as seen in picture of me and Walter. If you fancy a browse of our current collection, see link below.

Joe mentioned to me the other night how nice I looked when we sat and had a glass of wine admiring our hard work in the garden and it felt so lovely to hear. 

I am going to take this away with me, to still cherish my clothes and look after how I store them, how I wash them but most importantly I am going to enjoy them more no matter where I am! 

How’s lockdown been for you? What are your biggest takeaways? Get in touch on social or tag me in a post, I’d love to keep hearing for you.

If you are wanting to add some stay at home pieces for walks, weekends and BBQ's to check out the New Summer Arrivals.


Stay safe and well. 

Amy x

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What a fab blog, really lovely to read. We are missing seeing you in the shop too, your website looks great and I always love to see your Instagram posts and pictures. Just made a purchase so looking forward to wearing it! Stay strong small business owner, you have a great shop, website and lots of customers who want to support you. Vicky XX

Vicky March 17, 2022

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