One Hundred Stars & Royal Botanical Gardens Kew Collaboration

One Hundred Stars have announced their recent exciting collaboration with Royal Botanical Gardens Kew. 

The team have been given access to one of the world’s foremost archives of rare and historically significant artwork, held at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. They have taken inspiration from its rich heritage and botanicals to create a collection featuring scarves, kimonos, gowns and pyjamas, printed with passion flowers, thistles, apples and pears and magnolia.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a world leader in plant science, an international hub for conservation and a major visitor attraction that informs the public how plants are essential to human survival and development. 

Manufactured in India under licence from RGB Kew Enterprises Ltd. All profits from RGB Kew Enterprises Ltd go to Kew to support its vital work.

One Hundred Stars have had a busy 2018/19 with their beautiful designs featured in the Mamma Mia Film and the well known broadcaster / food writer Nigella Lawson wearing a dressing gown whilst creating another culinary delight in her most recent TV series (as seen below). 

To view the collection click HERE.

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