The best loungewear outfit ideas to elevate your comfy companions

The shell suit ruled the 80's and boy have we mocked it since then, but wait - there is a revival of joggers and oversized sweat tops. They're back but they've transformed into the perfect combination of style and comfort - loungewear!

What is loungewear, anyway?

Initially loungewear was defined as comfortable clothing that you wear at home that isn't pyjamas (although let's face it, we've all had our fair share of PJ days lately). However, as we all jumped onboard the loungewear bandwagon due it's pure practicality whilst spending so much time at home, many designers began creating joggers, comfy jeans, sweaters, hoodies and knits that were too beautiful to keep behind closed doors and it is now a popular day look. 

How ladies loungewear became an outfit you can wear out

First we saw likes of the Kardashians starting to style their work out gear as street style worthy outfits, then the trend began to pick up momentum as a street style look, but since Lockdown 1 hit back in March 2020 (remember?!) loungewear has begun a wardrobe staple, an every day look - our pandemic uniform! 

But it's not all oversized, unflattering joggers and sports cropped tops - no! Loungewear can be chic, classic and very stylish. We've taken inspiration from our favourite customer looks of last year and scoured good old social to create our run down of the best loungewear outfit ideas to keep your new favourite wardrobe essential looking fresh.

 The Sweater / Joggers Co-Ord + Trench Coat + Trainers

We love: Stacey Dooley is the queen of loungewear. Take a scroll through her Instagram grid for variations. This classic neutral look stood out us as it's very easy to pull together.


women's soft grey loungewear set hoodie and joggers

Hannah Hoodie - SHOP NOW
Matching Lucy Jogger Pants - SHOP NOW

Other colours available.


Jane Bright White Leather Sneakers - SHOP NOW

Mix & Match Sweater with Joggers + Leather Jacket + Chunky Boots

We love: The bright colour contrast of the red sweater against the simple black joggers. Kat has styled the heck out of her loungewear, making them winter walk ready. The chunky boots look great and are very practical. The we have lots of layering with a classic leather jacket and gorgeous neutral scarf.


Bertie Black Women's Jogger Pants - SHOP NOW

Soft Grey Silver Knitted Scarf

Large Silver/Grey Soft Knit Scarf - SHOP NOW

Women's Tan Suede Brown Chelsea Boots EMU Australia

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 High Neck Oversized Knit + Faux Leather Leggings

We Love: Patricia's take on comfy glam! The statement earrings and lippy are perfect for days we feel like making more effort, whilst the warm knit and leggings ensure there is no comprising on comfort so you are ready to dive on the sofa when you get home!


Women's pink oversized high neck knit jumper

Nancy Oversized High Neck Knit - SHOP NOW

Available in Navy, Pink, Khaki & Ice Blue

Large jade green statement hoop earrings

Large Jade Green Hoop Earrings - SHOP NOW

Other colours available

Low Cut Cardigan + Silky Pyjama Style Wide Leg Trousers

We Love: Go all out 90's by styling your wide legged joggers with a low buttoned V-Neck Cardigan. This would look lovely with a gold pendant necklace for an elevated Friday evening vibe.


Grey V Neck Cardigan with patterned silk back

Silk Backed Cardigan with a low V - SHOP NOW

Wide Leg Ivory Linen Trousers

Wide Legged Linen  Floaty Trousers - SHOP NOW

Mix + Match Joggers / Hoodie Loungewear Set

Hannah Hoodie - SHOP NOW
Matching Lucy Jogger Pants - SHOP NOW

Ivory Fluffy Slippers

EMU Australia Sheepskin Slider Slippers - SHOP NOW

Winter White Jeans + Knit

We Love: White jeans are not just for summer! Katie has styled hers with a tucked in knit for a cosy but chic look. Perfect for a smart/casual Saturday night Zoom with friends.


Women's white straight leg jeans

Cream Slim/Straight Leg Jeans - SHOP NOW

Soft Rose Fluffy Jumper - SHOP NOW

80's style women's trainers

Malou Leather Trainers - SHOP NOW

 Side Stripe Joggers + Knit Jumper

We Love: There is something so flattering about a side stripe, right?! Sara has styled hers with a luxurious, cosy knit and we love it!


Women's designer joggers with side stripe pattern

Designer Joggers with Side Stripe - SHOP NOW

Go Glam with your Gown

One Hundred Stars Silk Dressing Gown

We Love: If all else fails and you just want to cosy up in a dressing gown, don't underestimate how good a beautiful print and silky fabric make you feel!


One Hundred Stars Passion Flower Dressing Gown Loungewear

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For more inspiration, shop our Loungewear Collection HERE.

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