Summer at Eighty Seven

I am pleased to confirm we have our summer collection now in store with a few pieces available online.

We have fresh cotton tops from Italy cut in an unusual way with beautiful soft tones, silky blouses that work well with jeans/trousers for a more casual look or easily dressed up for an occasion. The summer dresses have especially shone this year. We have some beautiful pieces in that are perfect for a holidays, warmer days in the UK and those special summer occasions.

Second Female has had a strong start in store this Spring Summer. This range has offered the perfect mix of smart/casual. From wide leg trousers to PJ style shirts or something a little more classic with a twist this is the range for you.

We have a wide range of accessories in store which can make that needed impact on your outfit. Whether that be to add colour with some new STUNNING scarves from ANNEE, or a little sparkle with jewellery or a clutch bag. Or if you just want something to take a look back to classic, our collection can offer you something.

Ese O Ese has delivered again this season. They find that perfect balance for the season with such wearable pieces focusing on fabrics and colours. If you are looking for some casual day wear that is just that little bit different and will last, this is the range for you. Please beware Ese O Ese has got off to a very popular start and some items already have limited availability.


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