Mother's Day In Paris

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little story with you about one of the designers we currently have in store.

When we meet with the One Hundred Stars family (mother and two daughters from Sheffield) it really came across how passionate they are about all of their beautiful designs. However, there is one particular dressing gown design that means a little more to them…

The family were having a clear out at their mother’s house and came across her treasure box from her early teens to mid-twenties. Inside was a map of Paris. At the tender age of 16, Mum had put on her backpack and set off on her own to explore the bright lights of Paris. This very map had navigated her through the city, on what proved to be one of the biggest adventures of her life.

By way of tribute to her adventure and to reflect their love for their mother, the two daughters had the map screened onto a dressing gown and the results were stunning!


We are delighted to now offer this limited edition gown, with it’s perfect tones and colours for a spring summer. Kindly note stock is limited on this item but other designs are available.


I hope you enjoyed their story as much as I did.

Happy Mothers Day!

Amy @ Eighty Seven xx

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